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Associate Professor of Marketing,
Mississippi State University

Not everyone who enters my classroom will go on to a career in marketing.  Even fewer are going to go on to become marketing academicians.  They should be exposed to marketing concepts in a way that makes them relevant. 

I bring to the classroom practical examples from my twenty-five years of entrepreneurial business experience.  Consulting projects with actual clients are an important part of many of my classes and give students the opportunity to apply the material they learn and give them valuable experience to prepare them to enter the job market.

I believe it is my job as an educator to give my students the tools they need to be lifetime learners.  By encouraging and rewarding their preparation, participation, and attention, I show them that they can do anything that truly matters to them.
Because I love teaching so much, it is especially rewarding when my students say nice things about my classes.  The marketer in me wants to share some of my favorites.

"I believe his class was an incredible experience in life lessons and also in consumer behavior.  It taught me how fun marketing can really be and how fun a class be.  All of the experiences and knowledge I got from this class will not only be helpful in my career, but it will also be helpful in life by being able to market myself or anything else I will have to promote."

"I love the way you teach your class.  It works for me.  You are able to keep class entertaining through your examples and overall enthusiasm on the subject."

"Dr. B's teaching style was casual yet effective.  The advertising world is not about stuffy work environments and lots of rules and restrictions.  The advertising world is about being in a creatively stimulating environment where the ... people are free to be themselves.  Dr. B's class was set up very much this way.  He was laid-back, liked to talk to us, and incorporated many techniques and news from the real world which set up some great learning exercises. In a lot of ways, we taught ourselves with his guidance.  It was a teaching style I can very much appreciate."

"Dr. Breazeale is very good at keeping the class engaged and making the course material interesting."

"He is a very good teacher.  I have taken him twice in one year and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I would definitely recommend him for any student of business or non-business.  He is just a lovely person inside and out.  Good job!!!"

"I think he is a great teacher.  I have actually been able to use information he taught me at my current job and have been able to go from almost losing the job because I couldn't sell discount cards to being the top seller in our store!  Thank you, Dr. B!!!"

"I really learned a lot in his class about how to sell myself, a company, and a product.  Great job!"

"I had him for an 8am class and still got excited about getting up and getting to his class every time.  I learned a lot and I know it was all becuause of his open and casual style that gets you learning before you even realize it."

Courses I've Taught:

Strategic Brand Management
Social Media Marketing
Qualitative Methods in Business (Doctoral Seminar)
Marketing Management (Marketing Capstone)  Course Syllabus
Consumer Behavior   Course Syllabus
Consumer Behavior (Graduate)  Course Syllabus
Advertising and Promotion    Course Syllabus
Business Policy and Strategy (MBA Capstone)  Course Syllabus
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