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Marketing Research
My research agenda represents a coordinated effort to extend the knowledge in three separate areas of the marketing discipline – brand relationships, retail customer experience, and the consumption of experiences. I believe that each of these areas present opportunities for expansion of the knowledge base.

All of the research topics that I have undertaken to date are distinctive, yet have common elements that create a synergy in my research efforts. I am currently doing some very exciting work that looks through a branding lens at the tactics used by violent extremist organizations in their attempts to gain notoriety and support.

In other research, I seek to extend the understanding of the quantifiable value of the retail servicescape, the marketer-controlled servicescape elements that contribute to strong consumer-brand connections, and the importance of the experiential component of retailing, services, and events.

The same concerns that I experienced as a retailer will continue to feed my research imagination and assure that my research remains interesting, important, and above all relevant.

My research focuses on the following areas (combining them when possible):

  •     Consumer-brand relationships
  •     Branding theory applied to extremist group notoriety

  •     Retail atmospherics

  •     Consumers' affective responses to self-service technology

  •     Consumption community dynamics and processes

  •     Online consumer socialization and use of social media

  •     Experiential consumption

  •     Entrepreneurial applications of the above

Some of My Research