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I especially enjoy qualitative methods that include depth interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and textual analysis.  I am also quite adept at quantitative techniques that include structural equation modeling, regression, discriminant analysis, and cluster analysis.

As an iMotions certified biometric researcher, I an co-founder and director of Mississippi State University's Market Innovation Lab and Observatory (MILO), a high-tech biometric business research facility located in the College of Business.

I am available for consulting in the areas of brand image and strategy, consumer behavioral response, experiential design, entrepreneurial startups, and retail strategy.  Whether you need to know what your customers really want from you or to understand the impact of policy or design changes, I can uncover the hidden truths that will inform your marketing efforts now and in the future.
Here's what some of my past clients have to say about my services.

"It was amazing the way he was able to turn my company around.  The way he explained it was that any good brand needs a great story behind it.  He took my story and turned it into a brand that my customers love!"

"Mike's innate ability to listen to what we had to say and then combine our ideas into something that produced real sales results just amazed all of us.  We owe a lot to Mike and his amazing brain."

"Mike led a team that gave us some real insight into our customers and the ways that we needed to communicate with them.  I think they made a real difference in the way our customers see us."

"Mike just has a way about him.  His smile is infectious and lets you know that he sees the answers that were probably in front of you all the time."